Elevating Wellness at Continuum Luxury Residences with Move Fitness


In a significant move towards prioritizing health and well-being, Continuum Luxury Residences, South Florida’s premier oceanfront condominium, proudly announces its collaboration with Move Fitness. Recognized as a trailblazer in the wellness industry, Move Fitness is set to lead the property’s health and fitness portfolio, promising an elevated experience for residents.

A Legacy Revived:

Continuum reintroduces Move Fitness as the operator entrusted with the management of the community’s esteemed Sporting Club and Spa. This partnership marks a return to roots, as Move Fitness was the original visionary behind the creation and development of Miami Beach’s iconic wellness haven when Continuum first opened its doors over two decades ago. At the dawn of the new millennium, the three-floor Sporting Club and Spa was hailed as a groundbreaking concept, nestled within an architecturally innovative marvel at the South of Fifth residences—pioneering a trend that has since become synonymous with the region.

A Fitness-First Philosophy:

Under the guidance of founder Marco Borges, an Exercise Physiologist and New York Times Best Selling Author, Move Fitness brings a transformative approach to wellness, embodying a “Fitness first, management second” ethos that permeates every aspect of operations at the Sporting Club and Spa. Backed by a management team boasting over 50 years of collective experience, Move Fitness has crafted a high-performance health and fitness program, rooted in comprehensive assessments of residents’ individual needs and long-term wellness aspirations.

Tailored Wellness for Every Resident:

The core of Move Fitness’s philosophy lies in its commitment to tailor-made wellness solutions. Recognizing that each resident has unique requirements and aspirations, the program is designed to offer personalized experiences, ensuring that fitness and health goals are not only met but exceeded. From cutting-edge exercise regimes to holistic well-being practices, Move Fitness is set to revolutionize the way residents approach their health and fitness journey.


A Future of Elevated Wellness The partnership between Continuum Luxury Residences and Move Fitness signals a new era of prioritized wellness. With a shared commitment to providing unparalleled health experiences, residents can look forward to a future where their well-being takes center stage. Together, they are poised to redefine what it means to live a life of vitality and vitality at Continuum Luxury Residences.

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