Miami Beach Marvel: A $30 Million Oceanfront Oasis with Endless Elegance

Luxury Unleashed – Unveiling the Opulence of a $30 Million Beachfront Haven

In the heart of Miami Beach’s prestigious Bath Club complex, one particular gem stands tall, inviting discerning buyers into a world of unparalleled luxury. This $30 million oceanfront home, presented by Bespoke Real Estate, transcends the boundaries of opulence, boasting more outdoor space than a typical condominium. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the epitome of coastal elegance.

Seaside Splendor at The Bath Club The article opens with a captivating introduction to the exclusive Bath Club complex, setting the stage for the grandeur that awaits within the $30 million oceanfront villa. Emphasis on the 540 feet of prime ocean frontage creates an aura of seaside splendor, inviting readers to envision the breathtaking views and tranquil ambiance.

Bespoke Real Estate’s Offering Transitioning seamlessly, the narrative introduces Bespoke Real Estate as the curator of this oceanfront masterpiece. The focus shifts to the $29.9 million price tag, signaling that what lies within is not just a residence but a statement of affluence. The allure of working with Bespoke Real Estate adds a layer of exclusivity to the narrative.

Immaculate Renovation and Minimalist Design The spotlight then turns to the residence itself, a 6,100-square-foot haven meticulously renovated and adorned with minimalist elegance. The mention of an additional 1,800 square feet of private terraces emphasizes the property’s commitment to providing not just indoor luxury but an immersive outdoor experience.

Turnkey Opulence: A Furnished Coastal Retreat Delving deeper, the article highlights the turnkey nature of the offering, where the home unfolds as a fully furnished coastal retreat. This turnkey opulence ensures that every detail, from furnishings to decor, aligns seamlessly with the property’s minimalist design, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Private, Subterranean Garage and Four Lavish Bedrooms The narrative takes a tour of the residence’s features, exploring the private, subterranean two-car garage that adds a layer of convenience. The four bedrooms, each with a private bath, become the focal point, underscoring the lavish comfort and thoughtful design embedded in every corner.

Conclusion: “Miami Beach Marvel: A $30 Million Oceanfront Oasis with Endless Elegance” concludes by leaving readers with a sense of awe and aspiration. The article masterfully unveils a residence that transcends the ordinary, inviting potential buyers to envision a life where luxury meets coastal charm. The oceanfront villa, with its immaculate design and Bespoke Real Estate’s touch, emerges as a haven where opulence is not just seen but experienced, offering a glimpse into a lifestyle reserved for the select few who seek the pinnacle of Miami Beach living.

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