SINGULART: Revolutionizing the Art World, One Brushstroke at a Time


Since its inception in 2017, SINGULART has been a beacon of creativity, propelling the artistic community into a new era. Founded by Véra Kempf, Denis Fayolle, and Brice Lecompte, the platform has not only empowered artists but also provided art enthusiasts with a global stage. Now operating in 165 countries, SINGULART has shattered boundaries, democratizing the art market, and advocating for greater inclusivity.

Empowering Artists and Redefining Boundaries:

SINGULART’s journey began with a vision to revolutionize the art world. The founders recognized the need to provide artists with a platform that transcends geographical limitations. By doing so, they not only gave artists a worldwide presence but also connected them with a global audience. This bold move challenged the status quo and set the stage for a more inclusive art community.

Breaking New Ground: The First Online Art Gallery at a Physical Art Fair:

Just two years after its launch, SINGULART achieved another milestone by becoming the first online art gallery to exhibit at a physical art fair. This groundbreaking achievement showcased the platform’s commitment to bridging the digital and physical realms of art. Pieces featured on SINGULART have gone on to grace some of the most prestigious art exhibitions, including SCOPE New York and AQUA Miami, cementing the platform’s influence on the art world.

Series B Funding: Pioneering Growth in the Culture Sector:

In 2021, SINGULART achieved a remarkable feat by raising €60 million in its Series B funding round. This historic achievement marked the largest funding round in the culture sector worldwide. The infusion of capital not only validated the platform’s innovative approach but also provided the means to further expand its reach and impact.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Creativity and Inclusivity

SINGULART’s remarkable journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in the art world. By providing a platform for artists and enthusiasts alike, the founders have nurtured a global community bound by creativity. As SINGULART continues to push boundaries and champion inclusivity, it leaves an indelible mark on the artistic landscape, inspiring generations to come.

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