Why Every Woman Should Celebrate Bikini Day

Why Every Woman Should Celebrate Bikini Day

The History of the Bikini, And Why Every Woman Should Wear One for Bikini Day

Hanging colorful bikinis by Artem Beliaikin

Summertime marks the beginning of bikini season, an ever popular swimsuit option. On July 5th, the annual National Bikini Day celebrates the invention of the swimwear style in 1946. And reminds us to remind you why every woman should wear a bikini, even if it is not your thing, just once you really should give it a try!

Despite its current popularity, it was not always an accepted option for swimwear. Some records show bikini-like two pieces dating back to ancient rome. But, it was not officially debuted until the 1946 date by Louis Réard in Paris, France. 

History of the Bikini

The midriff was an obscenity for decades, making the revolution of the bikini slow. It was seen as scandalous and incredibly revealing for its lack of fabric. European countries were the first to adopt the two-piece swimwear after the end of World War II, European designers such as Réard trying to relate to the feelings of freedom the people were experiencing. The design took the name bikini, after the Bikini Atoll, and the nuclear tests which took place there. 

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Europe embraced the string and triangle cloth design, and its popularity grew immensely. The United States was much more conservative in accepting the revealing design, and it did not gain popularity until the 1960s. The rise of the American beach and surf culture then grew in popularity, and the youth movement made the bikini commonplace in the cultural revolution of the 60s and 70s.

The Miss Universe pageant is one which helped push the swimsuit evolution forward, its first competition taking place in 1952. Its swimsuit category was meant to assess a woman’s physical traits. Although many attempted to ban the category, the pageant competitors rejected these attempts and continued to wear smaller and smaller bikinis for the competition. 

The swimsuit competition still exists, but today the category is seen as a form of women empowerment. Today, the bikinis used in competition have not necessarily gotten smaller, but they now aim to showcase the woman’s character and traditions of their own culture. Through new design choices and inspiration, the range of bikini styles has grown immensely. 

Why Every Woman Should Celebrate Bikini Day

Despite many attempted bans and societal disapproval, the bikini has faced its trials and has now become a pivotal part of summer fashion. With options on every end of the price range, bikinis are a fashion piece that every woman can take part in. With endless style choices, the swimsuit industry has never been more inclusive and catered to a woman feeling her most confident. 

By taking back our own liberation and freedom as women, we take the power away from degradation and discrimination and we push past the patriarchal ideals that once looked down on women for showing “too much skin”. And by viewing the bikini as a form of empowerment, we give women around the world a device with which to express themselves and their beauty. 

So, every woman should pick out their favorite bikini for National Bikini Day, and wear it with confidence. Inspire confidence in others, and remind yourself that you are a powerful, strong and beautiful woman, no matter what you are wearing. 

Here are some of our favorite luxurious bikinis to spice up your summer!

BURBERRY Check trim bikini


Check Trim Triangle Bikini in White

Fendi Brown Lycra Bikini
Dolce & Gabbana bikini in Majolica-print

Dolce & Gabbana

Majolica-Print Padded Triangle Bikini

Words by Jenna Piotrowicz

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