The Dreamiest Italian Summer Escape

Luca Faloni spring summer 2023 - Luxe Digital

Few corners of our planet can lay claim to such spectacular eye candy as Italy: verdant nature and cypress-lined avenues, sun-splashed cobblestones and sparkling seas, pastel-hued sunsets that draw the curtain on every perfect day, and of course, effortlessly chic natives. 

Indeed, from Rome’s bartenders to Milan’s fashion designers, everybody possesses an inexplicable (and let’s face it, enviable) inherent style that appears to be gifted with their birth certificates. 

Inspired by the coveted Italian summer—and style—of which we all dream, luxury menswear brand Luca Faloni echoes the poetic palette of Italy’s stunning summer months. 

Draped in lightweight linens, cloud-like jersey, and carefree colors taking you from hazy days to convivial nights, Luca Faloni transports you straight to your Mediterranean fantasy in its purest form.

But perhaps the most beguiling allure of Luca Faloni is this: Italian blood or not, you can channel that aspirational style with just a few classic pieces. 

So, let yourself be immersed in the laidback lifestyle and unfailing charm of a shimmering Italian summer with Luca Faloni, where balmy barefoot days melt into effervescent evenings—rinse and repeat. Put on your Aperol-tinted glasses, because Luca Faloni is inviting you to experience the magic for yourself.

The quintessential Italian summer destination

A nation not starved of world-class scenery, it’s no wonder that Luca Faloni takes inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of its homeland Italy—and in no small way.

Channeling the picture-perfect aesthetic of the romantic nation, Luca Faloni’s summer-ready collection whisks us away on a journey over rugged Capri coastlines, enchanted Portofino pathways, and tumbling Tuscan hills. Laidback without being lazy, and put-together without being persnickety, Luca Faloni strikes the perfect balance of wearability and through-the-roof(top) style.

Championing timelessness, sophistication, and simplicity, every Luca Faloni’s iconic piece will accompany you through endless sunbaked days (and nights) to come—whether you’re spending them in Italy or beyond. 

It never ceased to captivate us how the Italians manage to transform a beachside boardwalk into a catwalk, and every alfresco rooftop into a film set. 

And now, we know how.

Throw on a few Luca Faloni Icons, and we guarantee: you’ll be surprised by how refined you instantly feel. 

Indeed, Luca Faloni inspires us to be our most carefree and charismatic selves—and, like nonna’s tiramisu, who doesn’t want a piece of that?

Luca Faloni spring summer 2023 collection - Luxe Digital

Keeping Italian artisanship alive

You’d be forgiven for wondering how a fabric can feel so good, brushing over your skin so beautifully, soft as a summer breeze. Well, the answer lies in passionate artisanship—when exquisite care, attention, and multi-generational knowledge are sewn into every stitch, you can’t help but feel the amore.

Yes, each item by Luca Faloni is 100% made in Italy, harnessing the virtuoso skills of local artisans and family-run businesses, where the makers live and breathe their creations. But the commitment to all things Italian goes even further: every fabric and material is meticulously sourced from all across Italy, where the best artisans and suppliers are called upon for their finest wares.

And the effort doesn’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure: you’ll feel the accomplishment whenever you throw on a silk-cotton polo, pull on a pair of boardwalk-to-bar chinos, or wrap a lightweight linen scarf to compliment your look. 

Never has la dolce vita been quite so accessible—no matter where you’re spending summer.

So, get ready to be captivated by Luca Faloni’s timeless collection, unveiling an acquired approach to dressing. Keeping in touch with traditional Italian ways while keeping things fresh and elegant, you’ll amble from day to night in these iconic pieces, ready to switch your morning espresso to your afternoon Aperol—without a change of clothes. 

For sure, Luca Faloni knows the formula for dreamy summer style, and you can enjoy it all year round.

Luca Faloni spring summer 2023 style - Luxe Digital

Our favorite sun-soaked style icons

If Italian summers were clothes, you can bet it would be Luca Faloni’s—alluringly authentic and irresistibly iconic.

Offering pared-back style, timeless comfort, and sustainability sensibilities, Luca Faloni Icons are summer escape-ready—and so are we. 

Ci vediamo in Italia.

Capri Blue Portofino Linen Shirt

luca faloni spring summer 2023 capri blue portofino linen shirt - Luxe Digital

Gifting you unparalleled comfort and equally unparalleled design, the Capri Blue Portofino Linen Shirt is the cobbled cornerstone of any capsule summer wardrobe. The signature shirt is woven from the finest Italian linen and crafted by highly-skilled artisans from the northern regions of Bergamo and Brescia. Featuring pleasingly iridescent mother-of-pearl buttons, the details of the Portofino shirt elevate the everyday—in the most Italian way.

Best for: Elevating your everyday with a breath of fresh air.

White Lipari Linen Trousers

luca faloni spring summer 2023 white lipari linen trousers - Luxe Digital

In our opinion, nothing quite symbolizes a Mediterranean summer like fresh, lightweight linens, and the White Lipari Linen Trousers are the perfect choice for your waist-down attire.

Blending a contemporary tapered fit with traditional craftsmanship, these linen trousers embody classic-meets-modern. Whether you’re taking a jaunt along the Sicilian coastline or beelining to a Bergamo bar for an aperitivo, these linen trousers will walk you there in style.

Best for: The ultimate summer sartorial staple.

Coral Portofino Linen Shirt

luca faloni spring summer 2023 coral portofino linen shirt - Luxe Digital

The pastel-splashed colors of the Portofino Linen Shirt caught our eye, with vivid corals beckoning us to a rooftop bar and Riviera blues begging a day spent out on the water. But shades aside, it’s the feel that we’re head over heels for.

Crafted by expert hands in the north of Italy, the Portofino Linen Shirt is dreamlike against your skin, with a laidback vibe that’s offset by a Paramontura collar and mother-of-pearl buttons—the secret ingredients that’ll take you from day to night without a trip back to your hotel. After all, why waste a single moment of summer?

Best for: Solidifying your status as smartest guy at la terrazza.

Camel Beige Lightweight Cotton Chinos

luca faloni spring summer 2023 camel beige lightweight cotton chinos - Luxe Digital

If you’re seeking a little more structure to your look, the Lightweight Cotton Chinos are the way forward. Crafted from durable whipcord cotton—itself made with tightly-twisted yarns—these chinos will see you from the first to the last days of summer, year after year. 

Mid-rise and slightly tapered, these chinos pair gorgeously with a laidback linen shirt or a smarter polo—whatever suits your mood. We love that they’re woven with a touch of elastane, too—because, of course, everyone needs a bit of flexibility in their lives.

Best for: A flexi-fit to see you through a spot of spontaneity.

Sea Grey Linen Jersey Shirt

luca faloni spring summer 2023 sea grey linen jersey shirt - Luxe Digital

Your summer style edit deserves world-class pieces—that’s what you’ll get with Luca Faloni’s Sea Grey Linen Jersey Shirt. Woven from world-renowned, feather-light jersey, this fit drapes over your torso like it was born for it.

It’s designed with sultry days in mind, with the lightweight fabric serving up a high-absorbancy rate to keep you feeling shower-fresh all day long. The classic sartorial style is complemented with Australian mother-of-pearl, and the subtle “Giglio” stitching seals the debonair deal on this one.

Best for: Barely-there detailing and laidback luxe.

White Panarea Linen-Cotton Shorts

luca faloni spring summer 2023 white panarea linen cotton shorts - Luxe Digital

You’ll be just as at home boating on the open ocean as sipping a sundowner poolside with the Panarea Linen-Cotton Shorts. A quintessential element of any guy’s summer wardrobe, these can be rolled up for a more relaxed look or left as they are for a smarter edge. 

Designed with casual tailoring and made from a linen-cotton blend, you certainly won’t be turned away from any upmarket bars and eateries in these suave shorts.

Best for: Treading the boardwalk between smart and casual.

Olive Green Linen Jersey T-Shirt

luca faloni spring summer 2023 olive green linen jersey t shirt - Luxe Digital

If we could dream up the ultimate chill-out tee, the Linen Jersey T-Shirt by Luca Faloni would be it. You’ll feel the supreme quality of the 100% pure linen when you pull it on, with the feathery feel made extra-soft thanks to a special aloe treatment. 

The rounded hemline and crew neck elevate this tee from slouchy to sublime, and it’ll effortlessly carry you through sunrise to sunset; just add your own accessories to make it yours.

Best for: Relaxed and refined in the same breath.

Ocean Blue Silk-Cotton Polo

luca faloni spring summer 2023 ocean blue silk cotton polo - Luxe Digital

From the gorgeous Piedmont region of northern Italy right to your closet, the Ocean Blue Silk-Cotton Polo can fit in at any party, be it high-glamor or low-key, alfresco, or a cozy indoor affair. Woven from an irresistibly soft blend of silk and cotton, this is the perfect piece to elevate your summer wardrobe basics. Finished with a sharp collar, comfy fit, and mother-of-pearl buttons, this tee is a midsummer must-have.

Best for: The closet chameleon for day-to-night transition.

Coral Linen Baseball Cap

luca faloni spring summer 2023 coral linen baseball cap - Luxe Digital

A far cry from your all-too-familiar Lakers baseball cap, this Coral Linen number by Luca Faloni takes a classic favorite and makes it molto elegante.

Staying true to traditional roots, this baseball cap features a six-panel design and athletic aesthetic—perfect for scorching days on the golf course, ambles with your significant other, and sandy-toed days by the shoreline.

Best for: Keeping it classic on sunkissed days.

Caramel Brown Weekender

luca faloni spring summer 2023 caramel brown weekender - Luxe Digital

You know the say about life being about the journey? Well, make sure yours is undertaken in bulletproof style with the Caramel Brown Weekender bag. Italians are famous for their leather, and, incidentally, for their bags (but of course you knew that), so it figures that Luca Faloni would get this one spot-on—its classic style, full-grain Tuscan cow leather, and durable design speaks for itself. Handmade in Florence, this weekender bag is where your summer begins.

Best for: Starting your journey as you mean to go on—in suave style.

Grey Woven Suede Belt

luca faloni spring summer 2023 grey woven suede belt - Luxe Digital

The quintessential accessory to hold your outfit together—literally—the Grey Woven Suede Belt is the subtle addition that makes all the difference. Handmade and handstitched in stylish Bergamo, this suave belt has a secret weapon, too: with a buckle that won’t ring at airport security, you can get on your merry way without causing a scene or hastily un-buckling in the queue. Exquisite style notwithstanding, that’s a huge win for us.

Best for: Effortlessly elevating a simple chinos-and-shirt outfit.

Sand Linen Scarf

luca faloni spring summer 2023 sand linen scarf - Luxe Digital

Does anything ooze European style more than a casual scarf? We think not. The Sand Linen Scarf is one of our favorite accessories from the collection, with its throw-over style perfect for watching the world go by over the rim of an espresso cup. 

Edged with subtle fringing and with a lightweight, breathable design, this scarf will uplift any slubby tee or put the final touch on a smarter shirt.

Best for: An easy way to sprinkle Italian magic onto your getup.

Light Blue Jeans

luca faloni spring summer 2023 light blue jeans - Luxe Digital

Woven with denim straight from the traditional cloth mills of provincial Padua, in Italy’s Veneto region, the Light Blue Jeans are a cut (or few!) above your average jean. 

The denim is then whisked away to Lago D’Iseo, where it’s crafted into this distinguished four-pocket style and finished with a satisfyingly worn-in look. Aside from these artful details, the rest of the jeans remain on the right side of classic, complete with a tapered fit and button-fly closure.

Best for: Lighter-than-air denim for breezy days and sultry nights.

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