The Rise of Luxury Retailing in Cyprus: Fueled by the City of Dreams Mediterranean


Cyprus has long been known for its flourishing property market, with a pronounced emphasis on the residential sector. However, a new player in the game is poised to reshape the landscape – the City of Dreams Mediterranean, the first European venture from Hong Kong-based Melco Resorts. With its grand opening, the potential for a surge in luxury retailing has captured the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike.

City of Dreams Mediterranean:

A Game-Changer in Cyprus’ Retail Scene Standing as a testament to opulence and architectural marvel, the City of Dreams Mediterranean represents a monumental investment, boasting a staggering price tag of approximately $650 million. This world-class integrated resort, an endeavor by Melco Resorts, marks a significant milestone for the company and introduces a new era of entertainment, leisure, and retailing in Cyprus.

Melco Resorts’ Global Legacy:

A Glimpse into Success Melco Resorts, a renowned name in the global hospitality and entertainment industry, is no stranger to crafting exceptional resort experiences. With venues in Macau, Greater China, and Manila, the company has consistently demonstrated its prowess in curating world-class destinations. The recent financial report, revealing a remarkable revenue of $949 million in the three months ending June 2023, attests to Melco Resorts’ strategic acumen and commitment to excellence.

The Chairman and Visionary:

Lawrence Ho’s Stewardship At the helm of this impressive endeavor is Hong Kong billionaire Lawrence Ho, whose vision and leadership have been instrumental in driving Melco Resorts’ success. As Chairman and CEO, Ho’s strategic insights and unwavering dedication to creating unparalleled experiences have propelled the company to new heights, cementing its status as a global leader in the hospitality and entertainment sector.

Luxury Retailing:

A New Frontier for Cyprus While Cyprus’ property market has historically centered around residential real estate, the City of Dreams Mediterranean introduces a compelling catalyst for the growth of luxury retailing. With its opulent offerings and world-class amenities, the resort presents an enticing proposition for high-end brands seeking to establish a presence in this burgeoning market.

A Paradigm Shift in Economic Growth:

The advent of the City of Dreams Mediterranean not only elevates Cyprus’ profile on the global stage but also signifies a pivotal moment in the nation’s economic trajectory. As luxury retailing gains momentum, it is poised to contribute significantly to job creation, tourism revenue, and overall economic prosperity.


The City of Dreams Mediterranean, with its grandeur and promise of unparalleled experiences, stands as a beacon of hope for the luxury retailing sector in Cyprus. Under the visionary leadership of Lawrence Ho and the legacy of Melco Resorts, this integrated resort heralds a new era of economic growth and prosperity for the nation. As luxury brands converge on this thriving market, Cyprus’ position as a premier destination for high-end retailing is poised to reach new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s economic landscape.

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