The Legacy Continues: Robin Williams’s Former San Francisco Mansion Hits the Market

Nestled amidst the picturesque streets of San Francisco, a palatial Italian Renaissance-style mansion stands as a testament to the late, great actor and comedian Robin Williams. This storied residence served as a cherished family home for Williams and his wife, Marsha Garces Williams, a multi-talented producer, art connoisseur, and philanthropist. Purchased in 1991, the couple embarked on a transformative renovation, turning this historic property into a sanctuary of luxury and sophistication. With three decades of cherished memories, including the upbringing of their three children, this home holds a special place in the hearts of all who were touched by its warmth. Now, after years of stewardship, the iconic residence is on the market for $25 million, ready to pass on its legacy to new custodians.

A Tale of Transformation:

The journey of this remarkable residence began when Robin Williams and Marsha Garces Williams acquired the property in 1991. Over the years, the couple poured their creative energies and resources into an extensive renovation, breathing new life into the 1926-built Italian Renaissance-style mansion. Their vision and commitment to preserving the historical essence of the home while infusing it with modern luxuries resulted in a masterpiece that stands as a testament to their shared creative spirit.

A Home of Family and Memories:

Beyond its architectural splendor, this mansion bears witness to the milestones and cherished moments of the Williams family. It was within these walls that their three children were raised, where laughter echoed through the halls, and where the bonds of family grew stronger. Even after their separation in 2010, Marsha Garces Williams continued to call this residence her home, nurturing the legacy that Robin and she had lovingly crafted.

Marsha Garces Williams: A Steward of Art and Philanthropy:

Marsha Garces Williams, known not only for her role as Robin Williams’s beloved wife but also for her contributions to the realms of art and philanthropy, left an indelible mark on this home. Her discerning eye for art and her dedication to charitable endeavors are woven into the very fabric of the residence, creating an environment that is not only aesthetically exquisite but also imbued with a sense of purpose and giving.

A Listing of Significance:

After three decades of devoted stewardship, this iconic San Francisco mansion is poised to begin a new chapter. Priced at $25 million, the residence stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Robin Williams and Marsha Garces Williams. Its walls hold the echoes of laughter, the whispers of shared dreams, and the imprints of a family’s love, ready to embrace a new generation of custodians.


As the doors of this magnificent San Francisco mansion open to potential buyers, they step into a space that holds not only architectural grandeur but also the rich tapestry of a family’s history. Robin Williams’s former home stands as a beacon of creativity, love, and shared memories. With its listing, a new chapter in the home’s story begins, offering a unique opportunity for someone to embrace the legacy and continue the narrative of this extraordinary residence.

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